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Services for private use

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private services

You can give appreciation without any costs and limits – you even get one credit for each given appreciation. So, give lots of appreciation and you will “earn” credits for reading your appreciations received. By the way a culture of appreciation and recognition arises.

If you are really lucky and you receive more appreciation than you are able to write, you may want to buy some credits. Inviting someone to kW-A is not part of the credit system – as your counterpart is not in the system. Appreciations sent with an invitation can be read by the recipient for sure (without registering at kW-A).

Here is how the credit system works:

private services

Authors of a message of appreciation will be awarded a credit as soon as the recipient gives a positive rating for the message of appreciation at a value between 1 and 10, and after two credits have been deducted from the account of the recipient. The message of appreciation is deemed to have failed if the recipient of the message rates it as zero. In this case, there is no change in the credits, neither in the account of the sender nor in the account of the recipient.

Credit Packages

100 CreditsEUR 6.-
500 CreditsEUR 25.20
1000 Credits

EUR 48.-


1 Coaching

100 Credits (EUR 6.-)


kW-A identifies your personal kW-A index in a certificate. This certificate will provide information about your personal ability to express appreciation and the development of this skill. For this reason, a certificate can be issued to you at the earliest after a three-month usage of the service and a minimum of 25 expressed messages of appreciation. 


250 Credits (EUR 15,-)

Golden Booklet

You can keep your most treasured appreciations (max. 20) in style in a Golden Booklet. This individual booklet will be transmitted to your address specified in the system.

Golden Booklet

price on request

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