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The kW-A index

The kW-A index is a key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the ability to express appreciation and the development of this ability.

You can assess each message of appreciation sent to you according to your very personal sentiments. This assessment is entered via a fixed scale, which is, however, never disclosed in detail to the sender. In combination with some other factors, e.g. a certain regular incidence of expressing appreciation, this assessment forms the basis for the calculation of the kW-A index.

Hence, after a few months (not sooner than 3 months) and after receiving a relevant amount of appreciation (at least 25 messages), you have the option of having a formal certificate issued for yourself on the basis of the calculated KPI; this provides proof of your personal skills.

As part of corporate packages it is also possible to have a kW-A index established for the entire company. This will show the level of appreciation that is being practised in the company.

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