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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How does the kW-A Credit System work?
After you have sent an appreciation it will be rated by the recipient. In case he accepts the appreciation you will be surcharged one credit. The recipient’s account will be deducted by two credits.

My credits are spent. How do I get new ones?

  • For an appreciation sent you will receive a credit. Precondition is that the recipient doesn’t rate it as “failed” and chooses zero as rating.
  • You may buy credits. We do offer packages of 100, 500, and 1000 credits. The prices are 6 Euro, 25,20 Euro and 48 Euro.

How can I compose an appreciation?

  • State a strength or quality of the recipient.
  • Describe in which particular situation you have perceived that strength/quality.
  • Explain the benefit the recipient has provoked by his strength/quality for himself or others.

Find further aspects in the following Video.

What does Coaching mean at kW-A?
Coaching are a fee-based service of kW-A, which supports you in composing a high-quality appreciation.

Is „Kraftwerk Anerkennung“ offered in other languages?
Currently kW-A is offered in English and German. More language versions are planned for the future.

How can I use „Kraftwerk Anerkennung“ on my mobile device?
As of now kW-A does only work with the respective browser of your smartphone (Safari, Opera...). We do plan a mobile app for the future.

Where to find my appreciations saved but not sent?
Your saved appreciations remain in the input mask and will be reloaded whenever you choose the same recipient again unless you haven’t submitted it yet. It’s not possible to save more than one appreciation per recipient.

What to bear in mind when choosing the recipient in the input mask?
Recipients can only be persons with whom you have an existing relation within kW-A. Hence you need to send a relation request or an invitation for kW-A to persons not registered at kW-A yet, enabling you to send them appreciations.

You have problems with your registration?
After registering at kW-A you should receive an eMail with an activation link. If not, please check your Spam Box first. If you haven't received the activation eMail please send a short notice to

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