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What is kW-A?

How does the service work and what else does one need to know in connection with appreciation?

kW-A is a unique online service that enables people to create appreciation on the basis of a certain structure and to exchange it electronically with people from their social environment (e.g. colleagues, friends, business partners). The platform offers the unique opportunity to continuously measure the user’s ability to "express appreciation" and to monitor the development of this skill. In this way, you, as well as entire teams, get a valuable opportunity to set targets for yourself and to follow up on the degree of your achievement.

About Us You will find these elements in the pre-set structure of the input mask as well.

With the help of instructions and a pre-set structure reflected by the input mask, kW-A will assist you in expressing appreciation appropriately without leaving out any of the essential elements. To facilitate initial access for you as a user, and to promote further development, you may of course also make use of coaching sessions. These consist of a brief check of the appreciation including written feedbacks.

Once you've taken the first steps, you will, as a rule, feel more enthusiasm due to the mutual giving and receiving of appreciation focused on individual strengths.

You will continuously receive appreciation that you can easily share with others - through disclosure on the kW-A site in-house, or in social networks. In any case, they will remain stored in your inbox so that you can enjoy them again and again.

About Us Find more facts & results of studies regarding appreciation and its effects below.

Each appreciation will be assessed by its recipient according to personal sentiments. This assessment is entered via a fixed scale, which is, however, never disclosed in detail to the sender. In combination with some other factors, e.g. a certain regular incidence of expressing appreciation, this assessment forms the basis for the calculation of the kW-A index. This is index is a key performance indicator for the ability to express appreciation and the development of this ability.

Hence, after a few months and after receiving a relevant amount of appreciation, you are able to have a formal certificate issued for yourself on the basis of the calculated KPI; this constitutes proof of your personal skills.

About Us

The evaluation is also linked to the usage model of kW-A, based on credits. Credits can be earned free of charge by using the service. And if you are really lucky and you receive more appreciation than you are able to write, you may want to buy some credits. Authors of a message of appreciation will be awarded a credit as soon as the recipient gives their message a positive rating between 1 and 10, and after two credits have been deducted from the account of the recipient. The message of appreciation is deemed to have failed if the recipient rates it as zero. In this case, there is no change in the credits, neither in the account of the sender nor in the account of the recipient.

If you as a business or a team decide to create an appreciative environment, you can make use of kW-A's range of special packages. The common feature of all packages is that any appreciation exchanged among participating employees is included in the basic flat rate. The packages also offer numerous options to make the initiative even more sustainable or effective. Of course, you can also send messages of appreciation to your private or other contacts, such as customers, suppliers or partners (on the basis of the credit model).

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